Community Photos
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 Farm house in Muang Tai.

A scenic country side view of a Tai farm house. Thatched roofs and stilts are characteristic of houses in this area.

Teen dancers, New Year 1998.

Teen dancers at the Tai New Year in traditional attire were one of the many venues at last year's event.

Natures, Tropical forest.

The beauty and simplicity of a tropicial setting is captured in this photo. So serene and calming!

Winter in Iowa, 2001.

A blustery Iowa winter day. What a difference from the typical day back in the old homeland!

water lily, picture taken by Steve.

Farm village in Laos, used by permission.

Reminiscent of the homeland, a Lao village, aged with character.

Rice paddies in Muang Tai.

Working hard in the rice paddies in Muang Tai.

Tai house.

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