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My Name is  Paul, I'm trying to locate my ancestors.

According to my Father, my Great Grand father was Tai and lived  in a Tai village named Sam(three) Cho( peak), or Sam chom, in Xieng Khouang Province in Laos. My great Grand Father was adopted in to a Hmong Family, later he married a Tai lady who gave birth to my Grand father, then  my Grand Father was married to my grand mother who was a Hmong Lady, so in other words  my Father is half Tai and half Hmong .


In  1972 when  I was in Laos, I noticed that some Tai people who lived in Thong Sanang Vietiane Laos, were from the same Village as my Great Grand father, but at that time , I was too young  to find out  the ancestors of my Great Grand Father.


If anyone in the Tai community in America have ancestors that lived in Samcho around 1800's to 1960's I would appreciate your help please contact me at yvang@pacbell.net

or call me at (949) 981-2958.



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