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Jesus is Lord!!!
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NuLife's Purpose Statement

The goals and vision of NuLife Church is to provide a place for beleivers to come and fellowship with one another and to worship the almighty God together and also reaching out to the non-beleivers with the Gospel.
If you would like to be involved with the ministry, or a financial supporter or prayer partner, please call (515)274-5965 or you can e-mail us at NuLifeChurch@juno.com.

4200 M.L.King Jr. Parkway 
Des Moines, IA 50310
Steve K. Baccam



10:30am - 11:30pm Church service

NuLife Church is having the service at Tai Village Welcome Center building, Click below.

Map to NuLife Church.


Christian and Southeast Asian

Minnessota Iowa Baptist Conference

Pine Lake Camp.

Converge Worldwide.

Southeast Asian Committee

Christian Families Evicted in Laos

ACFC Youth, Easter pic.

Thanksgiving Sevice.

Youth group doing some Easter activities.
Youth on Easter.

Singing special song.
Singing special song on Thankgiving.

The first Thanksgiving (1610)
Youth Sunday school.

More singing.
Thanksgiving celebration!

Just mousing away.
Computer room.

More games.
Hanging out at the game table.

Merry Christmas!
Special song from the youth group.

Merry Christmas!
Singing Silent Night.

Celebrating Birthdays!!!
Celebrating Birthdays and Pot Blessings every last Sunday.

NuLife group pic.
Some of the NuLife Church members.

Pho' anyone?
Pho' anyone?

Birthday fellowship.
Birthday fellowship.

Have a blessed Year!!!

NuLife Church
Love all, worship One.
The Jesus video in Tai Dam is now completed!!!