Tai Village

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Tai Village History

Six Tai organizations and 40 individual families joined together and founded the Tai Village, Inc. They pooled their resources and acquired a 120 acre piece of land, north of ML King Jr. Pkwy, in October 2003. A Board of Directors was established with a mission to:  create a working replica of a traditional Tai Dam village to honor the thousands of Iowans who opened their hearts to refugees and to recognize the legacy of the Tai Dam people: their beautiful culture, history, sacrifices, and dreams for the future. The Tai Village, Inc. organization has successfully met the first goals they have set in developing this project.  Land was cleared with the help of  Lower Beaver Neighborhood Association members, friends, the city and Polk County, fences put up bordering the property; the first festival was held in July 2007, ground was broken and the first structures built (3 small gazebos), the lake cleaned out 40 fruit trees were planted and the Robert D. Ray welcoming center are built.

Mission: To preserve the Tai culture and to create a replica of a Tai village that we would contribute to American society as a token of our appreciation to thousands of Iowan for helping us.

Board of Directors

Honorary President
Governor Robert D. Ray

Steve K. Baccam

Vice President

Samantha Bo Baccam

Amanda Lovan

Thomas Baccam

Phimmachan Baccam

Former Board of Directors:

Leunh Baccam, Bao Cam Lo, Dick Murphy, Roger (Houng) Rasavanh, Phimmachan Baccam, Sophie Vlassis, Ding Cavan, Mark Lovan, Jacquie Esley, Souk Vivanh, Chris Lo, Bangchay (Huey) Baccam, Pete Cavanh, Ted (Khamlong) Baccam, Siang Bacthi, Jim Benzoni, Nalinh (Lay) Sithep, Dinh VanLo, Bo Luong, Boulay Lovan Barker, Somphong Baccam, Monick Kham Reese, Mikel Johnson, Theresa Backham, Ian Wilkenson, Lori Baccam, Jeffrey Paul Rasmussen, Seng Houng Lovan, Doua Lor, Mark Hoang, Toni Khounlo Minard, Anita Gonzalez, Mana Thongvanh, David(Tay) Luu, Cindy(Ting) Luu, Southine Baccam, Nay Baccam and Phoukham M. Baccam, Brian (Khong) Baccam, Khamthong Khamma, Inkham Dara, Jimmi VanLuong, Arina Luu, Inngeun Soulinthavong, Bock Joy Babcock, Dinh Vanlo, Richey Thongvanh.

Leunh & Sack Baccam; Roger(Houng) Rasavanh; Nakharath Khounlo; Phimmachanh Baccam; Mary Hoang; Marc Lovan; Sivilay Phongvixay; Som Baccam; Quinn Baccam; Phahoanh Baccam; Sang Baccam; Brian & Leng Baccam; John & Jake Backham; Bao Cam Lo; Man Van Lo; Louane Baccam; Thomas Baccam; Dinh & Sommay Vanlo; Phet Houangsavanh; Vien Baccam; Tom Lovan; Noi Hoangvan; Souane Cavan; Khamthong Khamma; Khamlong Baccam; Dr. Tom(Nokham) Baccam; Thouan Vivanh; Ding Cavan; Loon Khambanoun; Pe Luong; My Khamphanthong; Quych Baccam; Sutjanpong Paisoon; Khamyath Mekdara; Sisavath Virasith; Patraporn Paisoon; Steve & Manida Baccam; Naphorn Sornterm; Bao Baccam; Siang Bacthi.
Organizations: The Kadsan Thaidam Society, Society of Thaidam American Friendship(SOTAF), Tai Vietnamese Association, Tai Studies Center, Asian American Fellowship Church(DBA: NuLife Church) and Tai United Foundation.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions.  Tai Village Inc is a 501 (C) (3) organization.  Your contribution is tax deductible.