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As soon as grant moneys are available, we would designate a location which should be near the Robert D. Ray Welcome Center for the access of its restrooms and running water.  Overseeing the gardens would be easier for TVI staff from the Center. However, we need to build a 100 feet gravel road from the main road to the garden. And most importantly, we need the irrigation or water from the pond for a distance of 2500 feet. Investing on this kind of irrigation by using water from the pond instead of city water would save considerably in the long run.

 After the last frost or early April 2016, we would:

a.        build the road to the garden site

b.        prepare the land and filling in garden beds with top soil

c.       install 8 feet high fences around a plot of 40’x40’ land as the first phase. If we have more interested gardeners, the second phase would follow according to the need

d.       install the irrigation system with a submissive sum pump which will be run by a generator, set a huge water tank on top of a hill to reserve the water, and conduct water in long garden hoses to the garden along the main road

e.       build a small nursery, 10’x12’, near the garden to grow new seeds and young plants.

The real gardening time will start from early May until end of September.  Some vegetables may resist the cold and last until end of October.

There would be no end to the project. This community garden project, once established, will be ready for next year gardening except for seeds and new plants. But the cost would be minimal. We would like to continue this project if it’s progressing and productive and as long as gardeners would participate. The evaluation of the project will be reported monthly on our TVI website.


Inaugural year of The Wellmark Foundation Community Kickstarter grant yields 32 Iowa grant recipients and Tai Village was one of the recipient that was rewarded with a grant.

Public votes helped to select grants that receive up to $10,000



Thank you for your continued support and contributions.  Tai Village Inc is a 501 (C) (3) organization.  Your contribution is tax deductible.