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We have all your computer parts and accessories needs. 

Parts and Accessories.

cables and drives.
Cables and Drives.

Most all kinds of PC parts and accessories!
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Computer accessories.
Computer accessories.

Computek's Custom built System, starting @$299.00
We also sell refurbished laptop!
Refurbished System, starting @$150.00.

Build your own system.

Build your own system or let us upgrade your old unit, we can also build you a customized system that will meet your needs.

32x10x40 CD-RW With Software.
32x10x40 CD-RW With Software.

This Month's Specials *No rebates needed*
BTC 32x10x40 IDE CD-RW Drive (Beige).
The BCE 3212M combines excellent storage functions with fast 32X write speed for CD-Recordable media and 10X speed for CD-ReWritable media.  Meanwhile, fas 40X read speed meets the demands of today's data's data-intensive applications.  All these functions are combined on a single drive, no additional CD-ROM is necessary.  The BCE 3212IM is very easy to install, as it supports Plug-and-Play for all PC operating systems, including Windows 95/98/2000/NT and Windows XP. 

Free hardware and software installations with purchased parts, with exception to motherboard.

Please call or E-mail us to place your orders.