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Members and Donations

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2018 Donations:

Andrew and LaFawn Kral $300
La Baccam $100 for tables and Chairs.
Thanh Van Deo $20
Bock Babcock $60
Eric Ip Khounlo $50
Lee Khoun Xayasane $100- Restroom Project.
Sing Lem $35 Singing song requested from friends.
Mei (Pou) $40 for tables and chairs.
Sing Lem $50 (IAA- Asian Heritage Festival)




Member No. ID


42 Founders - Permanent Members Of Record


Leunh Baccam


Roger Quang Rasavanh


Siang Bacthi


Phimmachanh Baccam


Nakharath Khounlo


Marc Lovan


Sivilay Phongvisay


Quinn Baccam


Phahoanh Baccam


Sang Baccam


Khamyath Meckdara


Brian Khong Baccam


John Backham


Bao Cam Lo


Noi Thi Bac


Chap Baccam


Thomas Baccam


Phet Houangsavanh


Vien Baccam


Tom Lovan


Noi Hoang Van


Souane Cavan


Khamthong Khamma


Ted Khamlong Baccam


Tom Nokham Baccam


Thouan Vivanh


Ding Cavan


Pe Luong


Mee Lawkham


Quych Baccam


Bao Baccam


Sisavath Virasih


Sutjapong Paisoon


Patraporn Paisoon


Taidam Association in Thailand


Mary Hoang


Loon Khambanoun


Tai United Foundation


Dinh VanLo


Steve Baccam


Nu Life Church (c/o Steve Baccam)



Dues Paying Members


Inkham Dara


Nheune L. Baccam


Bock Babcock


Inngeun Soulinthavong


Chiem Van Luong

Donate to Tai Village:

KIN CHIENG, FEB. 4, 2017



1 roasted pig & 30 roasted chicken by Tai Village

25 lbs of steamed rice by Tom Baccam & family

50 lbs of steamed rice by Inngeun Soulinthavong (Zae) & sisters/brothers families

2 trays of Asian sandwich by Jimmi Luong & family

1 tray of Baeng Man Ton (dessert) by Phimm Baccam & family

2 trays of broiled bamboo shoots by Siang Bacthi

2 trays of fruits by Steve Baccam & family

1 tray Khua Nheua, 1 tray Nheua Zaang, 1 tray Khua Maa Thua, by Bock Joy Babcock & family

2 trays of Khua Mee & hot sauce by Roger Rasavanh & family

2 trays of Salad by Leung Baccam & family

2 trays of steamed vegetable by Pu Baccam & family

1 tray of Khua Maa Thua by Sing Saysopha & family

1 tray of Khua Mee by Phai Vang & family

1 tray of Khaw Pat (dessert) by Fai Lovan & family

1 tray of Salad by Bit Ung & family

Some dessert by Souphanh/La-Chay & family

Some dessert by Sang Lovan & family

2 cases of beer & Khaw Tom by Vien Baccam & family

1 tray of Tam Som by Noi Huang & family

1 tray of Zor by Faah Baccam & family

Rice wine by Khong Baccam & family

3 kegs of Heineken & Budlight by Jimmy Konken

And many unnamed donors.

More New Year 2017 Donations listing will be added soon.

There're more 2013 donors that their names were not posted.

2016 Donors:
Ping Pong group: Noi, Vy, Teddy, Ting, Vieng, La, Leng and Southine.

2014 Members/Donors:
Jim Benzoni, Anita Gonzalez; Boulay Lovan Barker; Mikel Johnson;
Chip and Bo Van Luong; Jeffrey and Lyssa Rasmussen; Nay and Southine Baccam; Steve K. Baccam and Family; NuLife Church;  Ing and Theung Calo; Carol Grimm; Denis and Tonda Wolf-Keith; Jeff and Robyn Heiden; Toni(Khounlo) and Kevin Minard; Somphong Baccam and family; Mark Hoang; Dinh Vanlo; Theresa Backham; Kien(Kho) and Mien Baccam; Youa Lovan; Ian D. Wilkinson and family; Vieng and Lori Baccam; Bounchanh Nola and family; Eric (Chay) Chandavong; Bounleung Baccam and family; Peng J. Lovan and family; Banchay Baccam and family; Sengngeun Lovan and family; Thang Thongvanh and family; Pe Luong; Noi Cavan and family; Tieng Lovan and family; James(Khoune) and Phong Lovan; Sivilay Phongvixay and family;   

2014 donations collected at the picnic hosted by OG's and Cam entertainment:
Sing Lem- $128; Leung Baccam- $10; Vung Loung- $5 ; Ken Baccam- $20; Vern Deo- $10; Me Baccam- $20; Sonya Nak Streit- $100; Sengngeun Lovan- $100; Hone Taylor- $20; La Baccam- $20; Doug Burt and Kay Baccam- $20 and from lum vong(dance request)- $76.

2013 Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign:
Bo Luong; Souane Mumma; Kevin Louvan; Christy Yang; Hannah Louvan; Meung Baccam; Thanyalath Vilavongsa; Pongpiw Cam; E. Maylee Peterson; Vathsana keoouthai; Vong Kavan;

2013 Donations:
Boulay Lovan Barker (through Wellmark)- $10,000;

2013 Tai Village Land Beautification Project:
Buena Vista Capital - $125; Frazier Household Account (Meredith Frazier) -$500;
2013 Takraw Tournament Sponsors:
Mr. & Mrs. Bo Manivong- $100; All Auto Glass (John Leuang)- $65; Thot Lovan, Teung(John) Leuang and Pho Mala provided total of 12 security personel with marked security T'shirt and Laut Thongdam provided the 2 Takraw poles.

2012 Christmas and New Year get together donations:
Sengngeun Lovan- $100; Khamning Be- $100; Vieng Lem- $100; Salica Band- $100; Pe & Tieng Eckoumoung- $40; Youa Lovan- $20; Somphong Kitthikoune- $20; Ly and Da Quang- $20/monthly;

2012 Donations:
Mikel Johnson- Received $1,200{Pledge $1,000}; Houng Baccam and Family- $200; Bao Camlo-$100; Phuong Baccam- $30; Alohana Hawaiian Grill(Southine and Nay Baccam)- $100; Douan Soulivong(Canada)- $26; Phoungeune(Sai) Lovan- $100; Calvin Baccam- $50; Boun and Som Rasavanh- $50; Chip and Bo Van Luong- $40; Mong and Hoi Lovan family- $300; Younker's Community Coupons (Bo Luong and Deborah Baccam)- $180; Cham Kathi- $100; Vu and Anna Baccam (Blake birthday party)- $100; Som Lo(CA)- $200; Sem Lo(HI)- $40; Kim Baccam- $50; 
Benzoni Law Office[
Immigration Attorney]- $31,900; Khan Lovan- $60; Phoung Cavan- $100;

2012 Festival Donations:
Double Dragon Food Market- $500 and Mandarin Cafe'- $500 (sponsoring special guest Artist- Mam Parwadee); Houng Baccam and Family- $500; Marc and Phatsone Lovan- $200; Todd Jacobus- $20; Brett Tell- $25; Nga Baccam- $10; Aroy-Dee Restaurant(Tong Baccam)- $300; Fawn's Asian Cuisine- $260; Heup Lovan- $100; Hang and Ngouane Lovan- $50;

2012 Fishing Derby Donations:
Ted and Therese Tran- $250; American Family Insurance(Don Khongmaly)-$250 and Chris Lo- $250 (Sponsors);
Tieng Lovan- $50; Chip Luong- $20; At Wilkinson- $20; Vilay Nguyen- $20; Noi Hoangvan- $20; Siang Bacthi- $20; 

2012 Takraw Tournament Sponsors:
New Oriental Food Store- $300; Mandarin Cafe'(Sun Wong)- $200; Mr. & Mrs. Bo Manivong- $200; Iowa Takraw Foundation- $100; Double Dragon Food Market- $100; Thai Grocery- $100; Rolling Wok Cafe'- $100; JJ Jasmine Thai Cuisine- $100; All Auto Glass (Theung Leuang)- $100; Mr. & Mrs. Morakoth Saenvong- $100; Mr. & Mrs. Kag Vorasith- $100; Mr. Born Sithiphong- 100; Jung's Oriental Food Market- $50; Nut Pob Restaurant- $50; Cafe' Fuzion- $50; Banh & Na- 6 cases of bottled water;

2012 Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign:
Chip and Bo Van Luong(DM)-{Pledge $1,000}; Souane Mumma(Ankeny)-{Pledge $900};  Kevin Louvan(Clive)-{Pledge $156};  Pe Van Luong(DM)-{Pledge $150}; Christy Yang(DM)-{Pledge $104}; Manivone Lem(Ankeny)-$30; Kellie Louthi Kness(Norwalk)-$20; Hannah Louvan(Waukee)-$49; Meung Baccam(DM)-$50; Thanyalath Vilavongsa(DM)-$35; June Kelley(Ankeny)-$25; Anna Leuang(DM)-$42; Phanphet Luong(DM)-$100; Deborah Baccam [Silent Auction Fundraiser]- $202;

2011 Donations:
Julia Bazal [International Student Exchange],
Khom V. Quang, Renee T. Strickler, Eric Khounlo and Family, Tong Khamma and Family, Von Soutavong and Family(Idaho), Lao-American Association of Iowa- $250; Dr. Tom N. Baccam(TX)- $5,000; Terry Baccam, Kevin Louvan, Ashley M. Lovan, Bo Luong, Pe Van Loung, Soum Luong, Souane T. Mumma, Lotchana Nguyen, Christy Vang, Meung Baccam; Sien Cam, June Kelley; Manivong Lem, Kellie K. Louthi-Kness, Steve K. Baccam[
Computek], Jim Benzoni[Immigration Attorney], Tut Luong Van(CA~Hand made Tai Faberics), Noi Hoangvan(Jewell~Taidam Song/Poetry); Deborah Baccam- $254; Mikel Johnson- $200; Siang Bacthi- $100; Bangchay (Heuy) Baccam- $100; Jimmi Van Luong- $100; Teung Baccam- $50; Robert and Ann Harmon- $150; Benzoni Law Office, P.L.C.- $2,500; Wat Lao Buddhavas- $200; Roger(Houng) Q. Rasavanh- $100;

2011 Festival Donations:

Jung Oriental Store- $150; Scotty's Body Shop, Inc.- $100; Taste of Thai- $100;Rolling Wok Cafe'- $100; Thai Grocery- $100; Brad's Collision Center, Inc.- $100; Nutpob- $100, Mandarin Cafe'- $100; Le Paris Cafe'-$100; Monique Monet Nail Salon- $50; Iowa Takraw Foundation- $50; Cafe' Fuzion- $50; Bo Manivong- $200; Golf Outing($5 from each player)- $175; The Mix(young group)- $125; Brian(Khong) Baccam(Marshalltown)- $100; Noi and Takayoshi Yamamoto- $100; Leung Baccam and Family- $100;Thun Saychareun- $100; Mikel Johnson- $100; Pete Cavanh- $100; Pathet and Douangta- $51; Nan Lo- $50; Quyen Baccam- $50; Lo Cam Theung- $50; Boun Khounlo(Storm Lake)- $50; Ott Baccam(Golf outing winnings)- $42; Chris Lo(Golf outing winnings)- $42; Kevin Baccam(Golf outing winnings)- $42; Ven Mom- $40;Vone Baccam- $30; Souphanh and Fasavanh Phila- $30; Suong and Ia Lovan- $30; In Calo and Family- $30; Ken Baccam(Marshalltown)- $27; Bone and Pong Chandavong- $20; Ing Quang(Pella)- $20; Lan Lovan- $20; Louane Lovan- $20; Bon Cam(Greenfield)- $20; Hoan Cam Cuoui- $20; Sai Yaut- $20; Fawn's Asian Cuisine- $100;

Fundraising event for SPO Phoukham Tran:
Thank you to everyone that donated and signed the card at this year's festival, we were able to collect $325 for official Phoukham Tran.

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Special Project Donations:
Double Dragon $300; Heuy Baccam $100; Fah Baccam $100; Sullivan Baccam $100; Noun Baccam $100; Houng Quang $100; Dong Tong Thi(CT) $100; Theuang Leuang $100; Sun Wong $50; Bang Khounlo $50; Keo Thup $25.

2011 Picnic Donations:
Phuong Baccam $10;Teung Baccam $10; Doi Lem $20; Quang Cam $10; Moui Vong(CA) $20; Bon & Hai Cam(Greenfield) $30; Khong & Phai Vang $40; Heuy Baccam $20; Ly Quang $30; Mek Baccam $20; Guang Xaycosy $20; Sing Vang $20; Leung Baccam $20; Ken Baccam $20; Toan Lovan $20; Sai Lo $20; Phet Hoangsavanh $20; Sai Baccam $20; Thun Saychareun $10; Veng Vong $5; Koui Thongdy $20; Noi  Hoangvan $20; Sun Wong $20; Then Baccam $20; Kay Douangvan $4; Oun Baccam $20; Theum Baccam $20; Hay Lovan $20; Duangta Khanthavongsa $20; Vang Luong $20; Maow Lum-Vong(Dance Requests) $130; Cedar Rapids/Mt Pleasant/Morengo and Texas groups $290; Te/Nay/Sing Lovan(Sisters) and Phai Vang $131.
[Thank you for all your support.]

Thank you for your continued support and contributions.  Tai Village Inc is a 501 (C) (3) organization.  Your contribution is tax deductible.